Quirino Memorial Medical Center

We would like to recognize the entire staff (Doctors, Nurses, etc.) at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila for affording us the opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer to those patients entrusted to their care. These dedicated professionals work in less than ideal facilities, limited budget and significantly high patient to practitioner ratios to render care. With that said, they are able to work miracles while providing great patient care.

This recognition extends to the Jollibee organization for the preparation of meals and the presence of their mascot who brought out well needed smiles from patients, family members and staff alike.

Special thanks to Cynthia Castro, Abigail Castro, Emelita D. Deboma and the rest of the Deboma and Castro family for your time in helping to coordinate and execute this outreach event.

Lastly, we would like to recognize Maria Hope Jackson for her caring spirit and giving heart. Her vision was made possible by donations from Mr. Milton Jackson, Sylvia Jefferson, Antonio Khalil, Rochelle Frazer, Lisa Reid and Ainsworth Jackson…thank you for your selfless contributions.

December 2018

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